Ubisoft Confirms Ubisoft+ Subscription Service Release Date, Price

Following up a leak we covered a few weeks ago, Ubisoft officially announced Ubisoft+ at E3 today. Ubisoft+ is a subscription service that works similar to the Origin Premiere pass or the Xbox Games Pass. Ubisoft+, of course, being restricted to a library of games made by the company itself.

In no way does that mean there won’t be anything to play, however. Ubisoft has a rich and diverse library of games ranging from classics like Splinter Cell Double Agent to new multiplayer on-going titles like Rainbow Six Siege.

Another interesting detail that the E3 announcement of Ubisoft+ revealed was that players will also have access to upcoming games. This includes Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the newly announced Watch Dogs Legion.

The Ubisoft+ service will charge users $14.99 for a month of free games including all the DLC and seasonal content. The E3 panel also added that whoever signs up right now before September will get one month’s subscription for free.

Ubisoft+ may be the fastest way to gain access to the actual gameplay of the unreleased Ubisoft games. Furthermore, you’re arguably saving up on purchasing the games separately along with their DLC content on top of that.

Then again, if you’re only interested in one of the Ubisoft games, you’re better off just buying that. No point paying $14.99 a month.

Subscription-based video game clients are being hailed as the next step in the gaming industry. This is similar to how Netflix advanced TV and film in today’s generation.

Ubisoft+ will launch this September 2019 and will have all the popular Ubisoft games available in the library. This includes the recent Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 5 itself.

This is hardly all of what was displayed at the Ubisoft E3 conference. We also received news of the Division movie that’s been in development.

Source: E3