Outriders Gameplay, Release Date, Story, Setting and More You Should Know

Square Enix has just revealed Outriders, a dark new Sci-fi game made by People Can Fly. People Can Fly is the studio behind Gears of War: Judgement and Bulletstorm. Outriders itself is a co-op possibly third-person shooter game set on an alien planet. Here’s everything we know about the game so far:

Release Date

Square Enix have confirmed in the Outriders trailer that the game will be releasing in the Summer of 2020. This places the game between Q2 and Q3 essentially alongside most of the Square Enix releases planned in either the Spring or Summer. A set date beyond this information remains unconfirmed but you can stay updated by signing up for the newsletter here.

Setting and Story

Regarding the development of the Outriders story, People Can Fly had this to say:

Outriders draws on all our experience from all our previous titles. We describe Outriders as a dark, modern shooter built with traditional values. By that I mean we are creating an experience with a strong story that you can enjoy with your friends, or on your own.”

This means we shouldn’t expect the unique whackiness and humor that we originally had in Bulletstorm. Instead, this is a darker and edgier take for the studio. As an Outrider, each player is tasked with the mutual objective of tracking down an ominous signal. This can either be done alone or with upto 3 players. This includes being able to go at it as a duo.

Release Platforms

Outriders will be available on the holy trinity of gaming platforms. I’m of course, talking about the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Plans for further porting and accessibility to platforms such as the Nintendo Switch haven’t been confirmed or even hinted by People Can Fly or Square Enix. We can wait and see for more news on that, however.


Sadly we haven’t seen any raw gameplay footage yet as the Outrider trailer was rendered in CGI and not the video game engine. All we can bank on for gameplay details is what we saw in the trailer, what we’ve seen from the studio before and what the Square Enix E3 panel itself revealed.

The shooter part of the game is confirmed. As the Outriders embark on their quest to discover the mysterious signal on Enoch. The reason we believe it will be in third-person is some of the shots in the developer diary that was showcased after the trailer, as well as the studio’s history in Gears of War.

However, Bulletstorm was in first-person which counters that point. Therefore, we can’t be sure from just the Square Enix E3 panel about which perspective the game will be played from.

We have been told that we’ll be able to create and customize our rider. This might mean that they won’t have any defining personality to allow players to self insert better.

The developer diary showed off a few unconventional looking guns. I describe them this way because of the fact that some of them appeared to be more organic than they were technological. This could add to some unique and interesting gunplay unless it’s just an aesthetic.

Another thing that the Outriders trailer showcased was the ability to use some sort of magic. This was displayed when one of the characters conjured up a fireball and threw it at her foe.

Could this mean that we can expect some sort of Destiny Warlock esque magic to utilize in the game? Pulling off Bulletstorm like gunplay with tethers, gravitational pull and other unique abilities would be a big plus to the game.

The enemies shown off in the trailer and the developer diary are reminiscent of the demonic entities you fight in Doom 2016. One enemy in the trailer was the size of the titan, suggesting that we can expect some fun bosses as well. A few unique humanoid enemies were also shown so be ready for some classic gunfights as well.


Any form of PvP for the Outriders gameplay experience remains unconfirmed. We do know that 3 player co-op does exist and functions in a drop-in/drop-out sort of way. This is common to MMORPG style games.

We also don’t know the degree of exploration we’ll be granted. The trailer does show several varying environments like a lush green forest and a fiery plain. Will the exploration be similar to Destiny with large open locations with cycling quests and missions, or something like Far Cry 5 where you and your friends are just dropped into one huge map. More details are expected to surface soon.

Again, if you haven’t already, you can sign-up for the newsletter to stay updated. Square Enix did state that we can expect more information by Winter this year.