What Does “Bound By Blood” Mean for Gears of War 5?

Gears of War 5 developers took to stage to announce the release date. Gears 5 is releasing on September 10 for Windows PC and Xbox One. According to Microsoft, players will be able to play the game early with Xbox Game Pass. Moreover, Gears of War 5 “Bound by Blood” teaser trailer has confirmed a theory from Gears of War 4.

Xbox Game Pass features Gears 5 Ultimate Edition which gives you access to the game early. You can, of course, pick up the ultimate edition of the game separately for Windows 10 and Xbox One. You can play the game four days early on both platforms.

With Gears 5 developers are introducing a new mode called “Escape.”  The new multiplayer coach coop mode is a new take on battle royale it seems.

Players plant a poison bomb which explodes in 30-seconds. Once the bomb goes off all three players must escape the area while also trying to avoid the spreading poison gas. It is an interesting mode that takes some of its elements from the battle royale genre.

That aside, the Electronic Entertainment Expo trailer for Gears 5 confirmed what was teased at the end of Gears of War 4. Spoiler Alert

Bound By Blood

At the end of Gears of War 4 campaign, The Coalition teased that Kate Diaz is the daughter of the hive queen. The “Bound by Blood” teaser trailer confirms that she is indeed the daughter of the hive queen.

Kait’s inner monster is taking over and it seems her journey to find the truth is the underlying theme of the new Gears of War game. Kait is “Bound by Blood” and at the end of it, all may turn on Marcus, JD, and the rest.

Gears of War 5 is now available to pre-order and to incentivize your purchase, The Coalition is offering Terminator Dark Fate as a bonus.

Buy and play any edition of Gears 5 or play Gears 5 with your Xbox Game Pass membership by September 16th, 2019 to receive the Terminator Dark Fate Character Pack, featuring the T-800 Endoskeleton

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