We May Not Hear More on Halo Infinite Until E3 2020

In 2018, Microsoft revealed Halo Infinite and every fan across the world held their breaths for more information at E3 2019. Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference happened yesterday and we got new information about Halo Infinite along with a trailer titled “Discover Hope”. After the conference, 343 Industries’ Studio Head made a blog post in which he implied fans won’t get to see more Halo Infinite material until E3 2020.

Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference was expected to be the biggest event in E3 2019 and it arguably was. We got to see a lot from Microsoft and other developers during the conference. A highlight of the conference was Halo Infinite. We got to see a new trailer and learn that Halo Infinite will debut in Holiday 2020 on Xbox One, PC and Microsoft’s next generation of consoles, Project Scarlett.

After Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference, Chris Lee, who is the Studio Head of Halo Infinite at 343 Industries made a blog post titled “Discover Hope” on HaloWaypoint.

In his blog post, Lee talked extensively about Halo Infinite as well as the studio’s experience working on the game. The whole post was quite emotional and expressed the 343 Industries’ genuine excitement about the project. The whole post is worth the read but perhaps the most interesting part of the post was its end. Towards the end, Lee said:

As for what’s next, E3 2020 will be a big moment for Halo Infinite. Until we reach that destination in 2020, we’ll continue to embrace the mystery and wonder of Halo and the endless opportunity and potential of this engine, this hardware and, most of all, this team.

Even though this part is somewhat ambiguous, we can derive two meanings from it. Microsoft showed off Halo Infinite’s first reveal trailer almost a year ago during the Xbox E3 2018 briefing. Of course, there were many leaks and rumors along with hints from Microsoft following it but we didn’t get any major trailers.

We did, however, get a new Halo Infinite trailer just yesterday. Almost a year after its initial reveal trailer. Lee has said that E3 2020 will mean a lot to 343 Industries and Halo Infinite.

It is likely Microsoft and 343 Industries will remain mostly quiet till then. Of course, we may get leaks and rumors and hints every now and then at major gaming events… but mostly we can expect silence from the developers.

This also makes sense since Halo Infinite isn’t the only project 343 Industries is working on right now. There is, of course, Halo: The Master Chief Collection. There was a delay in public fighting [beta testing] and it was said that it wouldn’t begin until E3 2019. Since E3 2019 is still happening and will be soon over, fans can look forward to Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s beta testing finally happening.

Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter game in development by 343 Industries and Microsoft. It is being created with the company’s new Slipspace Engine. Halo Infinite will release in holiday 2020 for Microsoft’s Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox Scarlett with Xbox Game Pass.