E3: Fallout 76 Updates Could See NPCs Return, Battle Royale Mode with Nuclear Winter

According to renowned Nintendo Journalist and leaker Sabi (goes by the Twitter handle New_WabiSabi), Bethesda at E3 2019 will be releasing news about Fallout 76, namely the upcoming events or “expansions” in the form of the Wastelanders update and Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter.

The news would certainly interest Fallout fans who were severely disappointed (like most of us) by Fallout 76, hoping to breathe new life into the game that Bethesda deservedly got admonished for.

Sabi claims that Fallout 76: Wasterlanders update will see the return of actual NPCs, which is something the videogame was severely criticized for as it made it hollow and barren. Many players will welcome this news as it the desolate world of Fallout 76 seriously needs some reliable inhabitants that can offer more content and, hopefully, some additional unique quests.

The other leak for Bethesda’s E3 announcement for Fallout 76 is a little more polarizing. It suggests that Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter will be coming with a 52 player Battle Royale mode. Yikes.


Ignoring just how so many multiplayer enthusiasts are tired of the countless iterations of Battle Royale itself, the concern here is mostly how the clunky gunplay, weapon mods, and equipment will influence the balance and fluidity of Battle Royale in the game. News and speculation of a possible Fallout 76 Battle Royale mode aren’t too surprising, as there was speculation and extensive discussion on the matter based on certain datamined files, as discussed in this reddit post .

The main question we’ll be looking to answer after E3 though is: has Fallout 76 improved? Well, Bethesda will have to do a lot more than NPCs and a Battle Royale mode, as the game is still littered with bugs, performance issues, and weapon scaling problems.

The pessimists among us believe that this is Bethesda’s desperate attempt to try and paper over the glaring cracks in the game, and it won’t be enough to make it legitimately enjoyable for majority of the fans.

Still, if these rumors are to be believed, there’s something to look forward to if you purchased the game with your hard-earned money. Don’t hold your breathe though, and make sure you take all this with a bag of salt.