What Will be the Fate of Cortana in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite was among the highlights of Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference. We didn’t get to see any gameplay but the trailer did give us some idea about where and when the game will take place. However, the most interesting part of the trailer was at the end where the developers teased the return of Cortana in Halo Infinite.

Cortana has been part of the Halo franchise since its inception and has grown a lot as a character. However, her evolution didn’t lead to her becoming a self-aware AI that wants to help the universe. Instead, Cortana evolved into a rogue AI that intends to achieve galactic peace through not-so-peaceful ways.

Cortana herself has been through a lot. After 8 years of her existence, she starts to show signs of Rampancy which causes her personality to disintegrate and forms a different opinion as to how the universe should be and activates Guardians to achieve her goal.

The last we see of Cortana is at the end of Halo 5: Guardians as UNSC Infinity makes its escape before she could disable it using the Guardians. Halo Infinite is the direct sequel to Halo 5 and still, we don’t know how Master Chief will end up floating in space near a Halo Ring.

In the trailer, the ship comes under attack and Master Chief goes out to fight. The trailer doesn’t show what is attacking them and it is possible that it was a Guardian that Cortana sent after Master Chief.

So there is a chance that Cortana still wants Master Cheif captured and seal him in a Cryptum to preserve him until she achieves her goal.

Maybe that’s how she is tied in the game and is still the main villain of the story and what better villain there can be besides a companion that goes rogue for the so-called “Greater Good”.

However, what purpose that Halo ring will serve. According to fans, the Halo ring is actually “Halo Ring Zeta“.

Also, 343 Industries noted that Halo Infinite is centered around Hope, Mystery, and Wonder. Could it be that Master Chief still has hope that he can bring Cortana around in Halo Infinite and stop her from reimagining the universe as she sees fit.

Or Cortana could be an unlikely ally of Master Chief, helping him again to fight against an even greater threat to all existence.

However, we are not sure of the Halo Infinite timeline. How much time has passed since Halo 5 and what is Cortana up to in Halo Infinite? These are speculations for now and I am excited to see where developers will take the franchise to.

Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter in development at 343 Industries and will launch in 2020 for Xbox One, Xbox Scarlet and PC.