Destroy All Humans Remake Trailer Released By THQ Nordic, Coming 2020

When THQ Nordic first announced that over the course of this week they would be unveiling three new games, they promised one game that would be “out of this world.” Now, the publisher has released a Destroy All Humans remake trailer, advertising a 2020 release for a remade Destroy All Humans.

Destroy All Humans focuses around an alien soldier named Crypto as he aims to take over the world for his race, the Furons. Filled with stereotypical 1950s Earth and alien humor (including anal probes, cow abductions, and rabid anti-Communist feelings), Destroy All Humans was a classic when it released in 2005.

Now, THQ Nordic is apparently hoping to get the game back into that same level of popularity. While Destroy All Humans did get a remastering back in 2016 for the Playstation 4, this game is a straight-up remake, likely including not just all done graphics but maybe even cut content.

Either way, the Destroy All Humans remake trailer promises that the game will be just as wacky as the original version of the game was, since it depicts Crypto hypnotizing an entire town to the tune of Rammstein’s “Ich Will” before vaporizing them.

There’s no indications of whether or not other Destroy All Humans games will get remade as well, especially since after Destroy All Humans 2 the other two Destroy All Humans games, “Big Willy Unleashed” and “Path of the Furon”, both received negative reviews.

The possibility of further Destroy All Humans games might also come up if the remake is a success. Considering Destroy All Humans still has a big following, the success of the remake might point to further games being developed for the series in the future.

Either way, you can watch the Destroy All Humans remake trailer by following this link. The game itself will be coming out sometime in 2020 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.