New Pokemon Sword And Shield Information Shows Galar Pokemon, Legendaries

Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct was shown off early this morning (or at some other time, depending on your time zone), and for a mere fifteen minutes we got a lot of new Pokemon Sword and Shield information along with it. This includes new Pokemon, the generation’s legendaries, and a new mechanic.

First off, we have the first of the multiple new Pokemon we’re going to be seeing in the Galar region. The first of them is the Normal-type Wooloo, an adorable sheep Pokemon whose wool is one of the Galar region’s most notable exports since it’s used to make clothes and other items.

Next, we have Corviknight, an intimidating raven-looking Pokemon that’s Flying/Steel, and will serve as a taxi service in the game in place of the normal Fly HM. It’s the strongest Flying-type in the Galar region, and clocking in at 7’2” inches tall, and 165 pounds, you’d better believe it.

Thirdly we have the Grass-type Gossifleur and its evolution, Eldegoss, who travel on the wind and whose healing pollen and seeds have healing properties.

Next, we have the Water/Rock-type Pokemon Drednaw, whose powerful jaws can bite enormous chunks out of rocks and iron, and whose cantakerous attitude makes it a challenge for all but the most confident trainers.

Finally, we’ve got the game’s two legendaries. Zacian is the mascot for Pokemon Sword, and if you’ve played Dark Souls you might be thinking of a certain other sword-wielding wolf when you see it. The mascot for Pokemon Shield is called Zamazenta.

Also as part of the new Pokemon Sword and Shield information are a new mechanic called Dynamaxing. Players will gain the ability to “Dynamax” their Pokemon, causing them to grow to a massive size with a corresponding power boost. While it only lasts three turns and can only be used once per battle, it could turn the tide if you’re having difficulty.

In addition to all of the new towns and cities we’ll be going to in the Galar Region, we’ve also gotten access to a brand new Safari Zone-like area, where players can find Pokemon around every bush, rock, and tree. To help with this, you’ll now be able to control the camera for the first time ever in a Pokemon game.

The games will also feature multiplayer segments, allowing you and a number of friends to participate in Dynamax Raids, where multiple players and their Pokemon take on a single Dynamax’d Pokemon. These raids will require a lot of support between trainers, but also a bit of competition, as not only can just one of you Dynamax your Pokemon, but only one of you can also capture the Pokemon that’s the object of the raid.

Finally, the last bit of new Pokemon Sword and Shield information we got was the game’s release date. Pokemon fans can expect to be traveling to the Galar Region on November 15. Pokemon Sword and Shield will release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.