The Division 2 Server Maintenance Announced for Update 3.1

The Division 2 update 3.1 will be rolling out soon after servers go down for maintenance. Ubisoft Massive has announced server maintenance for The Division 2. Servers will be down across the globe at various hours for the rollout of The Division 2 update 3.1.

The Division 2 Server Maintenance

  • 09:30 AM CEST
  • 03:30 AM EDT
  • 00:30 AM PDT

The Division 2 servers will be down for three hours for The Division 2 update 3.1. The Division 2 update 3.1 is a major update to overhaul the game’s AI. Enemy AI has been an issue for a while and most of the time it runs around mindlessly, switching cover and running behind the players. With update 3.1, The Division 2 enemy AI will get a number of changes and improvements.

Ubisoft issued an apology for accidentally introducing AI issues with title update 3. The developers performed “a lot of detective work” to figure out why the issues were introduced with TU3.

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The Division 2 Update 3.1 AI Fixes

NPC Aggressive Behavior (rushing behavior of NPCs)

  • The NPC basically lost track of the player when they started moving and that manifested itself by an NPC running past the player or running up to the player to start a melee attack.
  • But what the NPC actually wanted to do was to get behind the player. But since he lost track of the player, he basically got surprised when he found the player in his path and switched to his melee attack behavior.
  • This could happen more often in closed spaces than in open spaces because there was less room to maneuver.
  • On top of that, since the whole AI algorithm is basically interconnected – when things like this happen, it can cause a lot of fallout and that should not happen.

NPC Speed of Movement

  • Players reported that NPCs were moving too fast
  • The NPCs had a bug that they accelerated too fast and were x times faster as they should be for a brief period of time.
  • This could occur after a turn animation because there was a disagreement between server and client how fast the NPC was moving after the turn animation.
  • The other issue was broken animations because of a fix that NPCs would not clip with the environment when they were climbing stairs.
  • All that combined you had NPCs moving in unexpected ways and also had strange animations.
  • To fix that, they had to improve the communication between client and server, so that they don’t lose track of the NPC speed, introduce failsafe scenarios when problems arise and also fix the animations.

The Division 2 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Update 3.1 size isn’t yet known but it shouldn’t be more than 1GB. The latest update is just one of the many planned for The Division 2. Ubisoft now aims to introduced LFG in-game matchmaking.

The decision came after community feedback demanded LFG matchmaking for Operation Dark Hours Raid. Speaking of Raid, it seems The Division 2 will get five raids before its time is up.