Witcher Netflix Series Wraps Filming, Henry Cavill Calls It “An Incredible Journey”

Apparently the Witcher Netflix series has finally wrapped its filming. Henry Cavill, who’s playing the main character Geralt of Rivia, has called it an incredible journey in an Instagram post.

While we still don’t know when it will come out beyond the fourth quarter of this year, hopefully it lives up to its hype when it comes out even with various controversies over things like costumes. With how popular the Witcher games are, Cavill and the crew behind the show will have big shoes to fill.

The Witcher series has had a rather checkered past with live-action adaptations. Back in 2001 a live-action film adaptation, called “The Hexer”, was released in theaters in Poland. It was described as a two-hour movie trying to cram 13 episodes of a show, and was thus poorly received by both fans and critics.

The actual television series came out soon afterwards, and only lasted thirteen episodes before being cancelled, likely because of the horrible reception of the movie. However, the popularity of the franchise has increased with the games by CD Projekt RED, so as long as it’s made well, the Witcher Netflix series will hopefully be successful.

Cavill took the time in his Instagram post to also thank the cast and crew for how the series turned out, name dropping multiple members that helped the series to get this far. The show’s showrunner, Lauren Hissrich, also called the time spent on The Witcher the best year of her life.

Netflix original shows have recently been developing a reputation for being fairly high-quality, and with Game of Thrones ending several weeks ago, some subscribers might be in the market for another dark fantasy show that places a lot of emphasis on politics.

Once again, while we don’t know when the Witcher Netflix series will come out beyond sometime apparently this year, hopefully it will be able to get good ratings and a good reception, and be able to be faithful to the material.