Chinese YouTuber ReSet Sentence Bans Him From YouTube For Five Years

The Spanish justice system has handed down the ReSet sentence to punish the Chinese YouTube star for feeding a homeless man Oreos filled with toothpaste. His sentence bans him from YouTube for five years, along with forcing him to delete his channel and pay 20,000 Euros to the victim in compensation.

ReSet, real name Kanghua Ren, originally posted the video of his crime back in January of 2017, with him filling the Oreos with toothpaste himself and then feeding them to the man. The homeless man, Gheorge L., vomited from the prank, and later said he had never been treated so poorly in his entire time on the street.

This isn’t the first time that YouTubers have gotten in trouble for criminal acts. Back in 2016 a pair of YouTubers found themselves in hot water for promoting a gambling sight to their young audience, which it turns out that they owned and were fixing rolls to make them look like they won more than they should have.

Ren “justified” his actions by claiming that the Oreos would help Gheorge clean his teeth, and later attempted to film two more videos involving him, the first having him try and claim no one would have cared if he had done it to a “normal” person, and the next attempting to spend the night with him. He and a friend were forced to flee when a witness called police.

Prosecutors originally intended to have Ren jailed for two years in addition to 30,000 euros in compensation, but due to his lack of a prior criminal record Ren was let off of a 15-month sentence. He still has to pay the 20,000 euros along with deleting his account.

Along with being forced to delete his account, as part of the ReSet sentence Ren can’t make another account for five years. His channel had previously had 1.2 million subscribers, and his “prank” on Gheorge L. earned him roughly $2,475. The last video he posted was on May 21.

The ReSet sentence brings to mind crimes against moral integrity committed by other YouTube stars, such as when Logan Paul filmed the body of a suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest (also known as the “Suicide Forest”), and various other controversies.

Hopefully Ren will have learned his lesson from this incident, and hopefully it will cause YouTube or other countries to pay more attention to the behavior of their stars online.