Xbox Game Pass PC Port Coming Soon, More To Be Revealed At E3

If you’ve been making use of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass system, but are still a PC gamer at heart, Microsoft itself has good news for you. An Xbox Game Pass PC port will be coming soon, allowing you to now play all of your favorite Xbox games on the PC.

Microsoft may own Xbox but its Windows PCs are also a big part of its portfolio, especially with the size of the PC gaming crowd. Several years ago Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One Play Anywhere program, which would let you play games that were part of the program on either your PC or your Xbox with no loss of progress.

The Xbox Game Pass PC port seems like an improvement on that idea, allowing players to now make use of the Game Pass system on their PCs rather than being limited to the Xbox. PC users will have unlimited access to over 100 games, and that number will likely go up in the future.

Much like the normal Xbox Game Pass, you can also expect new games to be added to the PC Xbox Game Pass as soon as they come out. You won’t have to use the Microsoft store either, as Microsoft will be allowing more than 20 Xbox Game Studios titles like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Gears of War 4, and Age of Empires: 1, 2, and 3.

Microsoft will be giving out more information about the Xbox Game Pass PC port when E3 rolls around, so if you’re a PC game that wants to play Xbox Game Pass games you’ll have to tune in to that conference when it airs on June 9 at 1 P.M., PST.

Considering that Microsoft won’t have any competition from Sony this year, they have the opportunity to reveal a large number of new games that will hopefully get a lot more people excited.