Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Update Your PlayStation 4 to Version 6.70 Yet

On May 30, 2019, Sony released an optional update “6.70” to the PlayStation 4 system software. The new update size is around 442.4MB, which is relatively small as compared to other major system updates.

According to PlayStation’s website, the 6.70 PS4 system update contained “additional features, improved usability, and enhanced security” that “improves system performance.” But according to user reports, the 6.70 is bricking PS4 consoles and making them unusable until the user reverts them to a previous version.

Not only that, but players also have to re-install all of their games by manually downloading them from the start. You can find the massive thread of player reports on PlayStation’s official subreddit.

Basically, there are two scenarios that happen immediately after the 6.70 PS4 system update.

PS4 Bricked Console
As reported by one user, the 6.70 system update crashed the whole PS4 console, leaving the user unable to play games at all. Each time they tried to start the PS4 console, they were greeted by a black screen. The only time the console was able to start, it lagged and froze until the power had to be shut off manually.

PS4 Bootloop/SU-30634-6
In another instance, after the 6.70 update and reboot, the console immediately presented an error message saying: “Cannot start the PS4. Please plug in Dual shock 4 via USB cable”. The PS4 console also presented a message saying to update the system to 6.50 or later via USB.

Even when it was updated using the website and “Download via Internet” option, the console presented a “SU-30634-6” error message. According to PlayStation’s tech support website, SU-30634-6 is for an update file error. The PS4 then either gets stuck in a boot loop or the user has to reinitialize the system without the new update and manually re-download all the games.

A similar error also occurred with system update 6.50 when after updating the PS4, it presented the fail code SU-42118-6 error message. Of course, one user was able to find a fix at that time but sadly that fix can’t be applied here.

There hasn’t been any official word from Sony or PlayStation as of yet but it is expected that they will announce a workaround in the coming hours. It is also likely that a new update/fix/patch will be issued.

Here’s what you can do
It seems the best thing right now is to not download this new update. The update is optional which means your PS4 can still function as it does even if you don’t update your console. You don’t have to update your system to 6.70 since it does not contain anything essential.

If you have run into problems while updating to PS4 system update 6.70, you can use the recovery image which is around 955.5 MB.

Meanwhile, stick with the previous system firmware and wait for Sony to issue a fix.