Total War Three Kingdoms Sales Break One Million In Just A Week

Creative Assembly’s most recent offering to the strategy game crowd has proven to be a rousing success. Total War Three Kingdoms sales were announced today by the studio to have topped a million, and the game has only been out for a week, speaking to the game’s runaway success.

This is the first historical Total War game from the main series in six years, and Creative Assembly has put all of that time to good use in making sure the game is fun and runs well. In contrast to the mediocre reception of their first Sagas title, Total War: Thrones of Britannia, Three Kingdoms has gotten great reviews across the board.

Total War Three Kingdoms takes players to a new area for Total War, into the titular Three Kingdoms period where a variety of warlords competed against one another for the right to declare themselves Emperor of China, and including figures like Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Lu Bu.

Since Dynasty Warriors has already covered this sort of subject matter it’s no surprise that Total War Three Kingdoms sales have exploded so much, with over 150,000 concurrent players all playing the game at the same time.

While you can’t carve your way through all of the enemy’s soldiers personally, watching famous figures like Lu Bu, Guan Yu, and more taunt one another across the battlefield, carve their way through dozens or even hundreds of soldiers on their own, or even fight each other in duels to the death definitely brings a completely different sense of scale.

So, if you’ve gotten bored of Warhammer somehow, are looking to get into Total War after all of the buzz about it the past few years, or are just looking for another historical Total War game, you can add to the Total War Three Kingdoms sales by purchasing it exclusively on PC.