DICE Removes “Unpopular” Frontlines And Domination From Battlefield V

DICE’s Battlefield V is a game that has recently seen a drop in the player base. According to the latest Battlefield V broadcast, DICE is removing dedicated playlists for Frontlines and Domination. DICE is also planning to improve the game by “adding to the fun rather than creating frustration.”

In a post made on Battlefield V’s Reddit, DICE Community Manager PartWelsh gave Updates on Pit Crew and Game Mode Availability.

On May 22, 2019, we updated the Battlefield V Armory with some new skins for weapons, and a return of some previous skins for soldiers.

As you may have noticed, the Pit Crew skin is now showing as an Epic skin and is 750 BFC.

Some may recall that during Battlefield V Overture, this skin became available for a short time for Company Coins and the skin was also classified as Uncommon.

This was a bug and not intended.

This skin was removed from the Armory as it was not tagged correctly nor did it show the correct value of the skin.

With the recent Armory update, we brought the Pit Crew soldier customization set back at its originally intended classification and Battlefield Currency value.

DICE also notes that “any player who was previously able to claim The Pit Crew Skin whilst it was available for purchase as an Uncommon will not see that skin removed from them because of our initial mislabeling of the skin.” So if you claimed The Pit Crew Skin, you can keep it and continue to use it.

PartWelsh also writes about Battlefield V’s game mods. DICE has “decided to remove the dedicated playlists for Frontlines and Domination”. According to PartWelsh, this removal will take place this week.

Of course, playlists have been significantly less popular and populated when compared to modes like Conquest. Conquest is far more established, more popular and more populated.

Earlier this month, DICE also removed Firestorm Duo Mode in Battlefield V.

“Our preference is to ensure that we are adding to the fun rather than creating frustration and that the always-on game modes in Battlefield V meet our own expectations in terms of quality” adds DICE.

DICE will also be “investing more resources in both featuring, developing, and improving newer and refreshed experiences like Rush, Grind, Fortress, and Outpost.”

Squad Conquest will be expanded to include Mercury, Narvik, and Devastation this summer. Frontlines will continue to exist in Grand Operations.

DICE will continue to support Conquest, Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch alongside the Tides of War.

PartWelsh also adds that DICE is creating a “dedicated Mercury Playlist, which begins on Conquest, and switches to Breakthrough.

“We missed out on doing this back when Panzerstorm launched, and we appreciate everyone that fed back on this so that we could make it happen this time around,” he adds.

“Next week we’ll swap this 64 Player Mercury only playlist for a playlist that stays on Mercury, but features other, smaller modes.”

DICE is also working on “Ranks Increase” for Battlefield V players. More information on that will follow.

Many players have also reported “Stuttering and Performance issues”. DICE has also noted that they are working on solving that.

A lot of players argue that the reason why the player count is so low is the lack of content in Battlefield V. Currently, DICE is just removing the modes that have low player count and that are less popular. One can argue that this is the opposite of what they should be doing. DICE should have just polished and improved Frontlines And Domination playlists in Battlefield V. They should be adding more content and improving existing elements. But still, it will be interesting to see how DICE handles future Battlefield V updates…