Death Stranding Release Date Trailer Explains The Plot But Did You Get It?

A new Death Stranding release date trailer has finally been unveiled after two days of teasing from Hideo Kojima. Not only does it give us a release date for the game, November 8, but the eight-minute long video gives us a lot of background information about the setting that we’ve been lacking.

Death Stranding puts you in the role of Sam Porter Bridges (played by Norman Reedus), who travels across a post-apocalyptic America as a deliveryman in order to keep society connected after humanity has fragmented into various closed-off groups.

Prowling the countryside and adding to the chaos are creatures known as BTs, which are responsible for the state that the world is in now. Along with them, says the Death Stranding Release Trailer, is a militant terrorist group known as Homo Demens (Latin for “Mad Men”) that deliberately engineer voidouts, which cause the craters we’ve seen in past trailers.

Hideo Kojima himself has said that the game revolves around things known as “strands”, which are the connections made between people, hence why the game will also be featuring multiplayer. This is also the meaning behind Death Stranding’s title, in particular that it deals with communicating, apparently, with the dead, as the Death Stranding.

However, fitting in with the rest of the trailers, the Death Stranding release date trailer doesn’t really do much to explain the plot either. We see a spectral World War One-esque battlefield, things involving a baby once again, various characters (including one played by Guillermo Del Toro), and Mads Mikkelsen doing…whatever it is he’s doing.

Either way, the big thing is that we finally have a release date for the game after years of speculation. If you want to find out what Death Stranding is actually about, you’ll have to pick it up on November 8 exclusively for the Playstation 4. You can see the trailer for yourself by following this link.