Call of Duty Modern Warfare Has Microtransactions, No Paid DLC Apparently

With Activision only hours away to officially reveal Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019, Victor, an industry insider, has posted a massive Call of Duty Modern Warfare leak on Twitter. The leak touches on various aspects such as DLCs, microtransactions, multiplayer, story, and game mechanics in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Victor touches on quite a lot of interesting information regarding Modern Warfare. He says the game’s marketing strategy will be very different from previous titles. He says Call of Duty Modern Warfare will have no season pass. Activision will instead constantly update the game in a similar way Epic Games updates Fortnite.

Victor also mentions that Activision believes paid DLC won’t work well for Call of Duty Modern Warfare since it is somewhat controversial in the eyes of gamers.

Since the exclusivity deal between Sony and Activision is over, PlayStation consoles won’t get DLC before everyone else does this time. Instead, both betas and free DLCs will release on all consoles at the same time.

Victor also claims that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will have a new form of microtransactions system. This new system will be tested on Black Ops 4 to see if players like it or not and then implemented in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

This new system will be similar to microtransactions in Infinite Warfare and WW2. Players will have the ability to unlock weapons by completing challenges. The microtransactional system will rely on in-game currency. Challenges will reward players with the currency which players can use to unlock items.

As said earlier, there won’t be paid DLCs. But of course, Activision will also offer players a chance to just buy this in-game currency with real money. Hence, making unlocking items very easy.

This has somewhat been a controversial topic in gaming. Many argue that this makes the whole process either a constant grind with little to no rewards, or it can be a pay-to-win scenario.

If this is true, it is likely Activision could have some trouble with the US Senate bill to ban all loot boxes and microtransactions from games. It is entirely possible that Activision won’t take this route because of the bill.

Even if there is a slight chance of the bill getting approved and implemented, Activision will most likely not go with microtransactions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. But at this point, all of this is purely speculation.

One of the other interesting things Victor mentions is Modern Warfare’s campaign. The campaign will be similar to past games. It will focus on three main protagonists in three separate scenarios. Later on the game, these storylines will intersect and become into one.

Victor claims two of these protagonists will be male, one of them will be female. Modern Warfare’s story will dive into the past. In the present, however, Modern Warfare will heavily focus on counter-terrorism.

According to Victor, Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode will be immensely different from previous titles. There will be no mini map unless a UAV is active in the area. Modern Warfare won’t have specialists but perks will still exist.

The last stand mode will exist but a much-improved version of it. Players will still be able to shoot even after being knocked down by an enemy in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode.

Quicker time to kill, which was also a big part of previous titles, will still exist in Modern Warfare. The only difference is that it will return as automatic healing. Victor also claims that weapon recoil will be increased and character movement speed will be somewhat similar to previous titles in the Modern Warfare series.

Victor adds that each weapon will take four attachments at once. The Pick-10 that Treyarch designed will be absent from Modern Warfare. and loved by the community will bid farewell for this game.

Night vision will be a part of Multiplayer mode. Players will have the can either use N.V or aim down their weapon sights. Modern Warfare will also feature side aiming. Players will be able to aim from the sides whenever they have N.V.G equipped.

One of the shadier aspects of Victor’s Modern Warfare leaks is that he has taken down all of his Tweets. He later Tweeted out a vague explanation that makes it sound like he was forced to take them down.

Another leak suggests that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will also feature stealth mechanics with the lead character wearing what looks like a stealth suit.

Activision is hours away to official reveal Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It will be interesting to see just how well Victor’s Modern Warfare leaks hold up. Look forward to the official Call of Duty Modern Warfare reveal on May 30th at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 5 pm UTC. We might also see a Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay reveal at E3 2019.