11 Month Old Death Stranding Leak Makes Much More Sense In Light Of New Teasers

In the past few years, ever since Death Stranding was announced multiple leaks were spotted online. Social media is filled with information and news from various anonymous sources. One such leak was posted on Reddit which pretty much summed up the entire plot and character roles of Death Stranding.

The leak originated on 4chan but made its way on Reddit where it was shredded by the community. No one believed any of it and filed it under “fake news.” It is an extensive post so what we are going to do is create bullet-points to simplify things. However, you can feel free to head over to Reddit to check out the entire Death Stranding leak yourself.

  • Humans developed an anti-aging technology that altered the fabric of time
  • Subjects of the experiments are trapped inside the Timefall, a higher dimension that’s still connected the current
  • The black creatures we saw in the trailers are the subjects trapped in the altered dimension
  • These ghosts can’t speak or communicate with our world or humans
  • These Timefall beings try and reach out to other human beings but in doing so subject them to the same Timefall effects they suffered and turn them into beings like themselves, trapping them in the Timefall
  • The explosive death you saw in the past trailer is a partial matter-to-energy conversion effect of the Timefall when a human is pulled into the higher dimension
  • The explosions and Timefall led to the creation of the United Cities of America, our game world government
  • The state governments effectively collapse and cities draw up fortifications, developing powerful technologies to help evade and counter the Timefall effects, mostly to mask their presence from the Timefall beings
  • In time, humanity stabilizes, well what’s left, with the new reality that most people in the US live in fortified city-states, they are tied together and rely on deliverymen. there are multiple factions that run these organizations, some bad and some good
  • The wastelands left behind between these outposts humans have barricaded in fro the Timefall beings meanwhile returns to nature and in that wasteland, the Timefall beings wander aimlessly

The goal of your character in Death Stranding is to fix the fabric of time and merge the two dimensions. The baby you carry is you, hence, it is your future. The recent “Create Ropes,” “Help Us Reconnect,” And “Future Is In Your Hands” teasers seem to be tackling the themes discussed in the leak.

Death Stranding trailer is dropping later today and hopefully, it will answer our questions. According to a rumor, the game is releasing on November 8 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Hideo Kojima has been active on Twitter in the past few hours.

Hideo Kojima has shared interesting tidbits and teases on Twitter. There is no locked downtime of the Death Stranding trailer drop.