Total War: Three Kingdoms Court Guide – Positions, Family Trees, Ministers

Your court in Total War: Three Kingdoms is made up of competent Leaders, Administrators, and Senior Members. The panels contain people who are already working or are going to be recruited soon.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Court

The family tree depicts all your family members and your descendants. Some family members would not be available as they might be working at somewhere else – for some other warlord.

Positions Run by Ministers

As you improve your factions rank, you can unlock more Ministerial Positions and Administrative Slots. You can assign a personality on a position by clicking on the position, then on the character that can be a Family Member or a General.

The chancellor position helps generate income tax, therefore, increasing the tax net. You can improve the bonus you receive by assigning personalities to the Prime Minister post.

Choosing characters who have a team working skill is important, as you do not a whole department clashing with each other as this will disturb work and the performance of the department would be affected.

In Total War: Three Kingdoms, growth of your courts are directly proportional to the area you are governing as well as the respect and prestige.

Moreover, to improve the standard of your court you could also spend more resources on the areas and people that come under you.

Information is available on your screen such as the positions you possess and the people available that can be assigned on those positions. Every set of person has its own benefits and specialties.

Click on the person to view what he can offer to the courts. If you want to appoint that person on a certain position, a pop-up will appear explaining the consequence of this decision.

In this title, the strong characters that you need could also defect and join the adversary side, thus, you should take care of such important personalities so that they stay loyal.

However, the salaries that these people earn come from the National Treasury. Listen to the concerns of these personalities and give them bonuses when they work hard and give a performance.

There are certain buttons on the left-hand side that let you take important steps by just clicking.

  1. Second Marquis unlocks the Chancellor posts.
  2. Marquis unlocks the Grand Commandant and Grand Excellency posts.
  3. Duke unlocks the Grand Director and Grand Tutor posts.
  4. King unlocks the Prime Minister posts.

In order to make your courts flourish, you should keep the faculty happy, the more satisfied they are the more they would like to contribute to the courts, give promotions when due.

However, keep a vigilant eye on their activities and performance.

Personalities having Power

  1. Faction Leader
  2. Prime Minister
  3. Faction Heir