Pokemon Sword And Shield Direct Coming June 5, Will Only Be 15 Minutes

Ever since Pokemon Sword and Shield were originally announced back in February, Pokemon fans have been hoping for more news. Now, a new Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct is going to be coming out on June 5, giving us some more information about the games just ahead of Nintendo’s E3 2019 presentation.

The Direct, which is scheduled to happen on June 5 at 6 A.M. Pacific Time, will only be 15 minutes long in a similar vein to their Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct, which happened on May 15 and also only lasted for 15 minutes.

While this likely means that we won’t see any new Pokemon in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct, we’ll still hopefully learn a lot about the Galar Region. However, there’s always the possibility that Nintendo might show us the evolved forms of Galar’s starters, Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble.

With what we’ve seen of Galar so far, it looks like it will be a very interesting region, especially since the game will have the added hardware power of the Nintendo Switch to work with. The Galar Region is based on the United Kingdom and the British Isles in general.

In the previous generation, during the lead up to Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo would regularly release videos that would show off new Pokemon in the Alola Region, or the Alolan Forms of older, more familiar Pokemon.

While there’s no guarantee that we’ll have a similar setup for this generation of Pokemon, hopefully Nintendo will have some way to show off new Pokemon for us as we get closer and closer to the release date.

However, the Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct likely will only tease us with enough information to get us hyped for E3, especially since it’s only going to be fifteen minutes long. Once again, the Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct will be on June 5, at 6 A.M. Pacific Time, so check your time zones to see when that is for you.