It Has Been a Month Since We Heard From Anthem’s Twitter, Devs Gave Up?

The most-anticipated blockbuster game of 2019 that has not only crashed and burned but now it seems that the BioWare promised engagement and communication with players has fallen flat. The official Twitter page for Anthem hasn’t posted for a month.

The release of Anthem back in February was nothing short of a complete disaster. It seems that both BioWare and the publisher EA had managed to ruin the game. From gameplay changes that no one wanted to not listening to anything the community had said.

As of recently the official Twitter page for Anthem has not been updated. The game was only released three months ago and now everything has gone silent.

Since the release of Anthem, everything has been falling flat of what was expected from the game. Despite all of BioWare and EA efforts to update the game. It seems like they are doing everything all wrong as the game has lost over 50% of its players.

Now to learn that they haven’t been updating anyone in over a month. It goes to show that BioWare’s community managers promise was made back in April. To bring more communication between BioWare and its fan has been another empty promise.

The whole experience with BioWare and Anthem is very disappointing, to say the least as the game was supposed to be alive service game that would receive continuous updates. And other content that would motivate the community long after the initial release. That kinda support is yet to be seen and the lack of activity via platforms like twitter doesn’t help.

But its no surprise to see this because when Anthem first released it was riddled with glitches and received the worst reviews BioWare has ever seen.