Internet is Not Happy About Nilfgaardian Armor In The Witcher Netflix Series

A set video of actors goofing around surfaced on the interwebs today. The actors were notably portraying the infamous black ones in the upcoming Witcher Netflix series. One thing about the video is how wrinkly the supposed Nilfgaardian armor looks.

Here’s are the images, but video has been removed by Youtube.

Now one important thing that everybody has to keep in mind is that this was just a set video. There can be a huge difference in the appearance of things post-production. We don’t know just how far in The Witcher Netflix series is with their production. By the looks of it, even filming hasn’t wrapped up as of yet.

We only know about the casting choices and confirmations for the main characters in the Netflix series. Story points are mostly up for speculation.

The Nilfgaardian armor in the Witcher tv series obviously garnered a very negative reputation from the internet. The Youtube comments on the video had a lot of colorful descriptions for the Nilfgaardian armor. My personal favorite was the “ballsacks with swords” comment.

The other side of the commenting spectrum said what I mentioned above. The movie is still pre-production right now until further notice. The team may be planning to CGI the rest of the details onto the armor the way Marvel does with its superhero suits. I would’ve preferred practical armor props much more but at least we’ll get something better than the wrinkly mess in the video.

In the Witcher 3, the Nilfguardians boasted rather heavy armor, the type to intimidate their foes. They had large shoulder guards with an overall broad built. This was complemented by the sleek black color and prominent symbol of the Eternal fire. The only thing the Nilfgaardian armor in the Netflix series has mutually is the symbol of the fire.

Either way, let’s see how it develops as we eagerly await The Witcher tv series debut on Netflix.