Gearbox Software Executive Departs Just Before Release of Borderlands 3

John Vignocchi, head of Gearbox Software publishing, recently announced that he will be leaving the company for a new job opportunity that he only described as his dream job. There was no negative intent or effect behind his departure as he had the support of Gearbox Software themselves.

It’s a key departure just a few months before the official release of Borderlands 3 but hopefully, it will not impact the game’s release in any way. Here’s the Tweet Mr. Vignocchi made regarding his departure:

Despite the allegations of volatile behavior against Randy Pitchford, even he was very supportive of the departure. Here’s what Gearbox Software CEO had to say about it:

It’s a really sweet gesture from a former boss to his leaving employee. It’s pleasant to see that he had a good time at Gearbox Software. Unlike Eddings, former voice actor of claptrap.

Mr. Vignocchi didn’t mention where exactly this dream job of his is. We were only told that it was in the video game industry. Regarding the mention of the road trip, he may be traveling quite far from where Gearbox Software is located.

This isn’t the first instance in recent times where a worker from one company joins another in the same industry. As long as the migration was made under good terms, who cares right?

This shouldn’t affect Borderlands 3 in any way either since most of the post-production has been wrapped up by this point. The publishing part of the game is one of the earlier things to be covered anyways.

Borderlands 3 releases this September for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Epic Games on PC. The game is developed by Gearbox Software.