Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Summons, Maps, Classes, Battle Royale, And More

Another year and another Call of Duty game but this time on mobile too. Yes, Call of Duty mobile is happening. Activision wants a piece of the market share PUBG and Fortnite enjoy. Activision announced the new Call of Duty mobile at GDC 2019.

Call of Duty will be free to download on Android and iOS devices. The game brings together weapons, maps, gameplay mechanics, and characters from older CODs to form a definitive Call of Duty experience on mobile devices.

As expected, the mobile version is funded by Chinese tech giant Tencent and Timi Studio. The beta will happen soon and Activision has opened beta registrations. In the beta, players will be able to experience Nuketown and Crash maps. Call of Duty mobile is a brand new, standalone multiplayer mobile title that’ll feature a collection of fan-favorite maps.

The game will feature competitive modes, familiar characters, and signature weapons from previous COD games like Black Ops and Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Will Call of Duty Mobile Have Battle Royale? — To compete with PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile Call of Duty needed to play the game right. Battle Royale games are trending since the release of PUBG. 100 players are thrown in an arena and the last man/team standing wins the round. Most Battle Royale games are played in Solo, Duo, and four-player coop. Video games like PUBG and Fortnite successfully used Battle Royale genre. Millions play these games and seeing the demand of this genre, even EA released a free to play Battle Royale game, Apex Legends. So, will Call of Duty Mobile feature a Battle Royale mode? Yes, it would be stupid not to. Activision’s Call of Duty Mobile features a Battle Royale mode.

Vehicles — Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode is going to feature a big name where the players can drive four different vehicles types. It would be interesting to see how smartphones are able to handle 100 players and vehicles on the map. ATV is one of the vehicles in the game, it is a two-person bike with little armor. It can be used to beat the circle of death. We also have the light hellcopter which can accommodate three people. This is an indication that the game may not feature four-player coop, instead, we’ll have 3-players in each team.

Moving on, we have an SUV which is a slower working but heavily armored vehicles in the game. Last but not least, we have the tactical raft which is touted as a “fast boat” but be careful while using it, there are snipers all around.

All Call of Duty Mobile Classes

There are going to be different roles in Call of Duty mobile. It is a concept taken from the Apex Legends Battle Royale where players can have different roles. COD Mobile will use a similar system as each class will have a special movie similar to the scorestreaks in the normal modes. We will also have perks to compliment special moves.

Defenders — This class can deploy a deformable Transform Shield. Defenders are also Reinforced to raise resistance to all damage except bullets.

Scout — This class can utilize the Sensor Dart to pinpoint enemy locations in the immediate area of the radar map. Scout also has the tracker ability which allows it to see fresh footprints.

Mechanic — This class is able to call EMP Drone to create electromagnetic interference. The class also comes with the Engineer ability which grants augmented sight to vehicles, hostile traps, and more.

Clown — The class comes with a Toy Bomb and can summon zombies that attack enemies. The Clown also has an Anti-Zombie ability to reduce zombie aggression distance.

Medic — The class is able to place Medical Station that can continuously heal the Medic and allies in the immediate vicinity. Medic has the Master Healer ability allows the medic to heal faster and reduces the time to revive downed allies.

Ninja — The most agile class in Call of Duty Mobile, Ninja comes with a Grapple Gun that fires a hook. Obviously, this hook can allow you to propel yourself onto target buildings or across the landscapes. The class can use Dead Silence ability to move silently.

Are There Zombies In The Game? — Yes, there are zombies in Call of Duty Mobile. The battle royale game adds zombies to mix things up in order to add its own flavor to the battle royale genre. Leaked footage showed zombies in action.