Valve Won’t Remove Positive Reviews of Assassin’s Creed Unity After Review Bomb

Back in March of 2019, Valve implemented the “Anti-Review-Bombing” policy on Steam. Valve had admitted that “review bombing” on Steam is an act in which swarms of negative reviews are left for questionable reasons.

And it was a big enough problem that the company needed to dedicate an actual person to clean things up every now and then. But unfortunately while dealing with negative reviews they didn’t anticipate “positive” review bombing.

When Notre Dame Cathedral went up in smoke Ubisoft donated money to its restoration which attracted plenty of positive press.

Assassin’s Creed Unity, which is overall a mediocre game, saw a flood of positive reviews as a result of Ubisoft’s generosity. Of course, Unity is also the only way the world can now explore the insides of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Ubisoft handed a ton of free copies of Assassins Creed Unity on PC. They also donated a total of $565,000 in order to help the restoration and reconstruction of the cathedral.

Since then an overwhelming amount of positive reviews for the game on Steam have been rolling in. Most of the reviews are heartwarming messages in order to show support for Notre-dame.

This has led to about 850 new positive reviews for the game. This is a huge boost in positive PR and might actually help Ubisoft to attract newcomers to the next title in the Assassin’s Creed franchise which according to a rumor is said to be based in Japan.

So what does Valve plan to do with the positive review bomb? Valve has decided to leave positive reviews up.  According to Valve, it had a relatively small impact on the game’s overall score in general. Although it might be a bad look to count the reviews that were encouraged only by charitable action.

Steam sales of the game had sharply increased, even when the Uplay giveaway was live. They also had a huge influx of returning players who wanted to explore Notre Dame.

A lot of the reviews are from fresh and returning accounts.  While many reviews mentioned Notre Dame, the majority of them were just standard reviews.