New Red Dead Online Glitch Lets Players Stuff Their Pockets by Selling Perfect Cougar Carcass [Update]

[Update] Seems like the glitch has been patched.

Original Story
Lately, Red Dead Online seems to be having its fair share of glitches. Without any surprise after the most recent glitch has been fixed another has popped up. This new glitch is very similar to the glitch which allowed you to duplicate the fish you caught. But now the cougar glitch has been discovered and appears to be the faster way to fill your pockets.

How the cougar glitch in Red Dead Online works is by obtaining a three-star puma or a panther channel. Once you have this you can proceed to travel to any butcher. But keep in mind in order for this glitch to work properly you must stop and shoot the carcass until the cougar icon pops up and the words “Perfect Cougar Carcass” appears on the screen.

If this is all done properly when you visit the butcher you will actually have two cougar carcasses, the perfect one and the poor cougar carcass. From this you can sell the perfect one and wait a few moments, after this it will reappear in your inventory.

It is very unclear how long this glitch will last but at this point we aren’t really surprised by it. Red Dead Online has already had a bunch glitches so far. But with any game its no surprise that there will be glitches but at least this glitch isn’t as creepy as the field of dead horses glitch.

The falling corpse glitch was a particular favourite of mine. As it occurred when entering the lobby to a showdown series playlist. When the players began spawning in the lobby all you heard was screaming. This lead many to believe that characters were spawned in the sky and then plummet to the ground. But I’m very interested to see when the next glitch will pop up.