Nioh 2 Character Creation Shown In New Video

Following the announcement of the Nioh 2 closed alpha, fans wanted to know what to expect from the upcoming title. While E3 2019 reveal is just a few weeks away, developers have released an interesting video to ease the wait.

Thanks to a post on Reddit, we have an official look at what the Nioh 2 character creation looks like.

It wasn’t a very thorough look at the customizations but it seems reminiscent of most JRPGs like Monster Hunter World or Dark Souls.

Regarding the footage itself, this person must have been involved with the closed Nioh 2 alpha sign-up. We couldn’t pinpoint just how to be a part of the Nioh 2 alpha test since Team Ninja has confirmed it to be from a very closed pool.

The introduction of a custom character in Nioh 2 will definitely add to the RPG aspect of the game itself. That being said, we’ll obviously miss William and his blonde Scottish shenanigans. Custom characters are great but an established character with their own personality and story is on a whole other level.

The Nioh 2 character creation does feature sliders for more in-depth customization of what your character looks like. This helps everyone make their character as unique as they would like to.

The creation also allows you to customize your Yokai form. Yokai form is a feature Nioh 2 introduced in the trailer which at first glance, reminds me of the Devil Trigger form from Devil May Cry games. How deep will the customization for the Yokai form go?

Hopefully, this doesn’t mean William is absent from the game entirely. He could take up a mentor/guide like a role the way Hanzo did in the original Nioh. Either that or he could be an optional mega boss that utilizes every ability and living weapon that we gave him in the original game. Talk about crafting our own doom right?

The Nioh 2 closed alpha has started as of 23rd May but remains in a very closed circle until further notice. A Nioh 2 release date remains unconfirmed.