Expect New Destroy all Humans Announcement At E3 2019 By THQ Nordic

E3 2019 is almost two weeks away and as the date draws closer and closer, new leaks regarding upcoming games are emerging online. And so it happens that a new leak shows THQ Nordic’s E3 2019 plans, which include new Destroy All Humans and Darksiders games.

THQ Nordic’s E3 2019 games may have leaked during a controversial 8Chan AMA 3 months ago. Of course, 8Chan is infamous for its shady imageboards. Google even blacklisted 8Chan from its search engine due to “suspected child abuse content”. So when THQ Nordic hosted an AMA session on 8Chan, it was met with a lot of negativity. THQ Nordic’s PR director Phillip Brock had to offer a public apology and said:

“I very much regret to have done it in the first place.”

It seems that’s not all the harm THQ Nordic’s 8Chan AMA did. Apparently, during the same AMA session, 8Chan User THQN_Reinhard posted a screenshot of THQ Nordic’s E3 2019 lineup, showing major games such as Destroy All Humans and Darksiders in the list.

Twitter user Afro_Gear managed to save the screenshot before it mysteriously vanished and shared it online for everyone to see.

The reason why this leak seems credible is that THQ Nordic recently teased their upcoming games by describing one of the games as a “galactically beloved game/franchise”, which may hint at a sci-fi game like Destroy All Humans. Destroy All Humans focuses on aliens terrorizing humans. None of the other games on the leaked list fits the “galactical” criteria.

Of course, it is also likely that the leaker may have just faked Destroy All Humans since it is one of THQ Nordic’s most prominent games. Whatever may be the case, it is best to treat this leak with a grain of salt. We will find out for sure at E3 2019 in June.