EA Wants A Customer Experience Coach, Most Likely For Anthem

Following the disappointing release of Anthem, EA Austin have put out a notice asking for a customer experience coach. This is speculated to be for Bioware, call it a wild guess but I can see why people might think that.

Regarding the job itself, here’s how EA described the task of being their customer experience coach:

“This role is part of EA’s Customer Experience organization. The Customer Experience organization strives to make EA known for taking care of its players. We’re players taking care of players and people talking to people – whenever, wherever, and however they need us. The Coach is part of the Quality & Coaching team who support and develop EA Advisors to deliver great experiences to our players.”

Sounds like somebody at EA pissed off one too many customers. Is it really their consumer management that needs working, or their video game developers? Except for you Respawn Entertainment, you’re cool.

EA customer support needs a lot of work according to the notice itself. The tasks for the customer experience coach included having one to ones with EA advisors to help them learn how to build proper interactions with the customers. Priority management was also listed as something that needed to be explained to analysts and stakeholders, so the job isn’t limited to EA customer support.

Regarding job specifications and the skillset, EA basically wants a really confident spokesperson. They want somebody that can organize their points and present them in a proper manner for the advisors to understand. Prior experience in Coaching was also a required skill.

Seeing the Anthem player count dip lower and lower, I don’t blame EA for needing help at this point. Honestly though, would any amount of customer support and pandering be able to save the game? I mean we’ve all seen the Anthem news, it was not pretty.

Either way, EA is hiring a customer experience coach right now if you’re interested.
Source: EA