Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Listing Appears on Instant Gaming

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 is listed on a retail site called “Instant Gaming.” The retailer has listed Modern Warfare 4 for 2019, however, since Activision hasn’t officially announced the title, the product isn’t up for sale yet.

While there is plenty of evidence to support Modern Warfare 4’s existence, this listing seems like a pre-emptive sales measure from the retailer. When enquired about the listing, the customer support asked us to subscribe to the newsletter to be notified to its availability. As soon as the game is available for purchase, the retailer will let you know.

It is important to note that Instant Gaming is using a fan-art for Modern Warfare 4 which indicates that there is no official backing to this list. Unlike leaks from Amazon, Walmart, EBGames, and GameStop, this isn’t something accidentally posted early. It is deliberately posted to make sure buyers can get notified when the product is available, a product that hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4

GameStop employees recently leaked images of their internal inventory system which housed new Call of Duty reveal T-Shirts. The leak strongly pointed to a Call of Duty reveal somewhere between May 25 and June 4.

Call of Duty 2019’s development is headed by Infinity Ward. The studio has hired veteran Naughty Dog devs and many who previously worked on Modern Warfare games. According to an earlier report, at least five former Infinity Ward developers have joined the development of the rumored Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4.

The returning developers include Mark Grigsby (Animation Director), Alex Roycewicz (Game Designer), Geoff Smith (Multiplayer Design Director), Joel Emslie as (Art Director), and Zied Rieke (Founder of Infinity Ward), Animation Director Mark Grigsby.

In other news, Sledgehammer Games is off of Call of Duty 2020. According to a Kotaku report, Call of Duty 2020 suffered creative differences between Raven and Sledgehammer. Activision had to put its foot down and remove both studios from the development process.

Call of Duty 2020 is now led by Black Ops creators at Treyarch. Next year’s Call of Duty game is now turned into Black Ops 5.

Call of Duty 2019 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.