Metro Exodus Sales Please Developers, Vast Majority Are Console Sales

Metro Exodus sales figures have apparently pleased the game’s developers, 4A Games, especially in the digital sphere. However, the report apparently doesn’t say anything about PC sales, which likely means bad things for the results of the Epic Games exclusivity deal that Deep Silver did with Epic Games earlier this year.

The report on Metro Exodus sales comes from Lars Wingefors of THQ Nordic (who owns the game’s publisher, Deep Silver), who spoke as a part of THQ Nordic’s quarterly earnings report. Pointedly, however, Wingefors seemed to avoid talking about anything involving the Epic Games Store.

The Epic Games Store ran into its first PR roadblock when they announced that Metro Exodus would be exclusive to the Epic Games Store when it released on PC, even though pre-orders had been available on Steam for months previously.

The backlash was considerable, and it wasn’t helped by a 4A Games employee threatening to never release another PC port for a game again. This was only the start of Epic Games’s store troubles, as it has earned the ire of gamers for snatching up every notable PC game coming out in order to make it a timed exclusive.

If Wingefors is right, and the vast majority of Metro Exodus sales are in fact on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 rather than the PC, then the backlash seems to have definitely hit a high point, especially when he made no mention of PC sales at all.

THQ Nordic had distanced itself from the decision when it was first announced, putting all the blame on Koch Media, which owned the Metro property. Whether it had an actual hand in the decision or not isn’t really known.

Wingefors was also mum on other games that were being sold on the Epic Games Store such as Satisfactory. This might mean that many big gaming companies are already souring on the store, not just for the smaller amount of money they get, but also the sales impacts.