Koei Tecmo Announces Nioh 2 Closed Alpha, Begins May 24 Until June 2

Koei Tecmo has announced that it will be having a Nioh 2 closed alpha in several days, starting on May 24 and going until June 2. The alpha is similar to how the original Nioh began, having a closed alpha that allowed players to go through a certain segment of the game and provide feedback.

Nioh 2 was first announced as one of three different games involving samurai and Japan back at E3 2018, which included Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Since then we hadn’t really heard anything about Nioh 2, but now Koei Tecmo is finally going to give us a good look.

The original Nioh, which came out in 2017, followed an Englishman named William as he traveled throughout Japan to try and rescue a fairy, coming into contact with sinister forces that wanted to use the might of the British Empire to conquer Japan for themselves.

There’s no telling what Nioh 2 is about just yet, but it will likely be in a similar vein as players make their way across Japan battling both human enemies and a wide variety of Yokai (Japanese spirits) with the help of various items and animal guardians.

The gameplay trailer that we got to announce the Nioh 2 closed alpha appears to show that not only have the graphics evolved, but the gameplay has too. The player character can dual-wield different weapons, which he uses to carve a path through enemies both physical and spiritual.

There also appear to be a variety of different finishing moves along with a number of new demons, or at least old demons with new designs. We’ll probably able to see a lot more when the alpha is actually launched.

So, if you beat Sekiro and want another challenge like it, hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky few picked to be part of the Nioh 2 closed alpha. Otherwise, hopefully Koei Tecmo will allow the alpha to open up to everyone eventually. You’ll only be able to play it exclusively on the Playstation 4.