Days Gone Patch Version 1.09 Fixes Bugs, Crashes and Side Mission

Sony Bend Studio has now released Days Gone patch version 1.09 to fix some issues of the game. The developer revealed this patch on Days Gone subreddit along with the patch notes.

The new Days Gone update is quite hefty in size coming in at over 10 GB. Despite the update size, only three things were listed in Days Gone patch notes. As for what this update does, it fixes some issues the players have encountered with Marauder Camp Hunter quests. Further, the update fixes lighting for the Crater Lake area boss fight and more.

Here’s what the developer said about Days Gone update version 1.09 along with the patch notes.

Due to an issue involving side-missions later on in the game, we have released this hot-fix patch to resolve them along with a few minor bugs.

Patch 1.09

  • Fixed the issue involving some of the “Marauder Camp Hunter” story line side-missions
  • Improved lighting for the boss fight in the Crater Lake area
  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes

Afterward, developers at Bend Studio assured everyone that they will continue to work on the game. Their current plan is to slow down the patch releases to add more fixes, features, and optimizations with each upcoming patch of the game.

Despite the critical reception, Days Gone has managed to bring in impressive sale numbers, especially in Japan.

According to Famitsu, Days Gone is the third highest debut of a Western-developed game by Sony  Corporation in Japan. Also, the game has left behind the likes of God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn in term of sales.

Famitsu reveals that Days Gone managed to sell 14,319 units in its first two days after launch. This is the reason why the developer still continues to support the game by releasing patches occasionally fixing various issues of the game.

Apart from these fixes, Bend Studio has promised to release some exciting things as part of the game’s post-launch content DLC. One of these new upcoming features include Days Gone Survival mode, which is scheduled to arrive in the month of June.

This new difficulty is much harder than the game’s hardest setting currently available. Completing the game on survival difficulty will reward players with new trophies and unique bike skins.

Days Gone is now available to play exclusively on Sony’s PlayStation 4.