Xbox One Backward Compatibility Sale: 250 Games Xbox 360 and Xbox OG Games Discounted

If you love all the original games from the Xbox and Xbox 360 then you’re in for a real treat. Microsoft has announced that it will be doing a jumbo sale on over 250 Xbox and Xbox 360 titles.

All titles are anywhere from 50% to a whopping 90% off. Some major titles include Red Dead Redemption for 67% off. As well as popular titles like Far Cry, Street Fighter, The Witcher 2 and many more. You can see the full list and all the sales here.

Xbox one’s backward compatibility has been a huge feature since the consoles original launch. Not only are you able to purchase games online from the Xbox 360 and Xbox consoles. But if you were to pick up a physical copy of the game you’ll be able to play it on the Xbox One. As well as be able to download all your achievements, cloud saves and much more to the console. Much like Xbox one games though everything is installed straight to your hard drive, so it’s important to make sure you have enough space.

A lot of the original Xbox games weren’t supported on the Xbox one but as of recent. Microsoft has made leaps to bring a lot of the games to the online store and if you have the disk your now able to play them. Back at the beginning of May Xbox actually released 11 new games for backward compatibility. This includes some major titles like the original Star Wars Battlefront game.

Although the PS4 is still not backward compatible in the sense of being able to pop your old disks in and start playing. You are able to purchase a lot of the old PS games online but this isn’t the same.

Sony has actually confirmed that the PS5 will be potentially backward compatible to the PS4 games. But we haven’t heard anything yet about whether you’ll be able to play games from previous consoles. This includes the PS3, PS2 and the PS one. Will Microsoft finally have a rival in terms of backward compatibility?