Power of PlayStation 5 Showcased by Sony in a Comparison Video With PS4 Pro

Sony took the stage at 2019’s Corporate Strategy Meeting to show the performance difference between PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Pro. The Japanese giant has now provided new details about its next-generation console.

A new video posted by the Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki has given us our first look at the performance of PlayStation 5. Mochizuki shared this video on Twitter. The tweet mentions that this was “Sony’s official video comparing the performance of PS4 Pro vs next-gen PS5.”

Given the results shown in the video, PS5 loading time align perfectly with the comments of Sony’s Mark Cerny. The footage shows that it takes PS4 Pro a total of 8.10 seconds to load Manhattan in Spider-Man video game.

In comparison, PlayStation 5 takes only 0.83 seconds to do the same task, which is a big improvement over the current-generation. The power of an SSD in PS5 is clearly evident in this short video demo and it does feel like next-generation technology.

It’s worth mentioning that Sony didn’t mention PlayStation 5 in the video. The company used “Next Generation (Under Development)” to differentiate between current-gen and next-gen hardware.

Ofcourse, since there is no PS5 release date yet so referring the demo as a next-generation technology makes more sense. We can also expect a name change for PS5 so it’s natural that Sony doesn’t want to call names just yet.

Further, Mochizuki went on to translate what was being spoken by Sony in Japanese language. According to Sony, the two keywords for PlayStation going forward are “immersive” and “seamless”. This seamless feature means “anytime, anywhere, without disconnections”, according to Sony.

We will harness the power of new technology to offer completely transformative and immersive gaming experiences, Sony said. We will leverage Backwards Compatibility to transition our community to Next Gen faster and more seamlessly than ever before and provide stability of environment for content creators. To ensure PlayStation will remain as the best place to play, SIE to work on keeping and improving relationships with outside game developers.

Also, Sony confirmed that streaming will be a very important part of PlayStation in the future. In case you don’t already know, Sony announced its partnership with Microsoft recently. Microsoft and Sony will be working together to co-develop game streaming technology, likely for PlayStation 5.

As seen in the video, PlayStation 5 takes full advantage of SSD. Apart from the high-end SSD, PS5 specs include a custom AMD chip based on 3rd gen Ryzen line and a 7nm 8-core CPU. Sony’s next-gen console will also support ray-tracing and 8k graphics.

We will likely know more about PlayStation 5 at PSX 2019. There’s no release date yet for PS5 but it’s expected to arrive at the end of 2020.