New Pokemon Sword And Shield Information Coming In Next CoroCoro Issue

The official Serebii Twitter account has just announced that we’ll be receiving new Pokemon Sword and Shield information in next month’s issue of CoroCoro Ichiban, a Japanese magazine that often includes information about Pokemon and other popular Japanese franchises like it. Exactly what information will be revealed, however, remains to be seen.

We first got information about Pokemon Sword and Shield back at the tail end of February in a special Nintendo Direct, introducing us to the Galar Region and our three starter Pokemon: Scorbunny, Grookey, and Sobble. However, nothing’s come since then.

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield information will hopefully not only give us more information about the Galar region, but hopefully more new Pokemon that we can look at, too. Back when Pokemon Sun and Moon were coming out, we were drip-fed information about new Pokemon and the starter evolutions.

Whether that trend will continue in the run-up to Sword and Shield’s release remains to be seen, but right now Pokemon fans are likely looking for any information they can get. While we have Nintendo’s word that the game will release this year, for instance, we don’t know exactly when.

There’s also no telling (even though it’s likely) that we’ll be seeing new Pokemon Sword and Shield information at Nintendo’s E3 conference, so for the moment the new CoroCoro issue is all we have no matter what’s in it.

Either way, hopefully the CoroCoro issue and E3 2019 will give us the new Pokemon Sword and Shield information we want, and by the time Pokemon Sword and Shield comes out later this year we’ll have been able to see a ton of the new Galar Region-exclusive Pokemon that we’ll be getting along with the game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be coming out sometime this year, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.