Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Leaked For PlayStation Plus?

Today in Final Fantasy 7 remake news, a follow-up on a previous leak has been slightly reaffirmed and brought up again. There might be a Final Fantasy 7 remake demo available on the PlayStation Plus following the E3 conference.

This leak on Reddit from a deleted account entails that besides a confirmation of a Final Fantasy 7 remake release date, we may also see the announcement of a Final Fantasy 7 remake demo.

Even more specifically, the FF VII demo will only be available to subscribers of PS plus. Now this is just a rumor so don’t take the word to law. Furthermore, the addition of needing to subscribe to PS plus makes this sound like a scam. Don’t make any choices until you confirm it.

Capcom did something similar when they released the Resident Evil 2 remake demo close to the game’s actual release date. Now we appear to be seeing the same done by Square Enix for the FFVII remake.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake reddit has been releasing leaks left and right. This is a common occurrence to happen around this time of year whenever we approach the E3 conference. People have to build their hype up in some way after all.

This demo is to reportedly be the same one that E3 is rumored to have playable on the conference floor. We’re not sure what the Final Fantasy 7 remake demo will cover and which part of the game it will be. Then again, we also don’t know if this demo even exists since it’s all rumors.

Official confirmation from Square Enix is still yet to be heard of. What we can count on for confirmation is the E3 conference itself. Over there, we’ll know whether or not this Final Fantasy 7 remake demo exists and if it will be available exclusively to PlayStation 4 owners or not.