A Field Of Dead Horses in Red Dead Online Meant Nothing, What About the Fish Glitch?

A lot of players thought that this was initially some kind of foreshadowing. Dead fields of horses are a sign of the apocalypse and Red Dead Redemption has explored that in the past with Undead Nightmare. Rockstar went on record, however, to say that the dead horses were just a Red Dead Online glitch.

Here’s a video of the cryptic occurrence:

Seriously, for being a Red Dead Online glitch, that’s really creepy. What’s worse is that I think you can hear the sounds of boots traveling over flesh as a player avatar walks over the mound of corpses.

Red Dead Online might have introduced this glitch somewhere down the line of their last major update. Either way, Rockstar Games has added that they fixed the glitch, assuming this isn’t all just a cover up to an upcoming event.

Moreover, there is another interesting Red Dead Online fish glitch. This glitch can apparently make you $3000 per hour. The glitch apparently hasn’t been fixed yet be Rockstar Games so if you can hurry enough, you can try the fish glitch yourself.

The horses aren’t the only glitch people have come across. Some Reddit users reported on entire towns and hubs being unpopulated and devoid of even NPCs. Whether this is connected to the dead horses glitch is unconfirmed. Rockstar hasn’t spoken on the connection possibility either.

One thing that this glitch did was bring some attention over to Red Dead Online. A lot of people forgot it existed, being too busy with the astounding single-player experience and all.

This isn’t just an opinion either. There’s data evidence of Red Dead Online falling behind GTA Online in revenue. To their credit, this could be due to how long GTA Online has been around, as well as being the first to utilize the system in place.

Another thing to note about the revenue as well as the glitches is the fact that Red Dead Online is still in its Beta. It’s expected to leave the beta phase some time soon but Rockstar has yet to announce a date on that.

Source: Polygon