Rainbow Six Siege Unveils New Lesion Elite Skin

Staying consistent to their trend of new content every new season, Rainbow Six Siege has just revealed a new Lesion Elite Skin. Elite skins are a cosmetic that gives the character a new skin related to their backstory, along with a unique weapon look, charm, and an MVP animation.

Here’s the new Lesion Elite Skin:

Rainbow Six Siege is on the brink of releasing the new operation “Phantom Sight” One that along with this elite skin will be releasing two new operators. True to the name of the operation, Nokk is the phantom while Warden is the sight.

Back to the Lesion Elite Skin, as I said before, each skin is tied to one of two things. It’s either a historical reference (such as Thermite’s vintage bureau) or related to the character’s backstory. In this case, it’s focused on Lesion’s backstory.

As a boy, Lesion worked with his father on an old ship. During an unfortunate accident, he fell into an oil tank and swallowed the poisonous elements. The elite set is designed to prevent that from ever happening again, providing a gas mask and a chemical resistant waterproof body suit.

The Lesion Elite Skin can be compared to multiple things. My take is that now we know where Takeda went after Mortal Kombat X seeing as he isn’t in 11. Other users have made playful comparisons to the nanotech suits we see in the Crysis series as well.

Rainbow Six Siege is also rolling out balancing changes alongside the new operators and cosmetics. This includes a reverse friendly fire feature to try preventing team killing.

Elite Skins can only be purchased via R6 credits and not renown. Credits can be purchased from the Ubisoft store.