CD Projekt Red Promises To Treat Its Workers Humanely Following Cyberpunk 2077 Crunch

With continued rumors of the development team facing long work crunch hours regarding the highly anticipated CyberPunk 2077, studio manager Marcin Iwinski says CD Projekt Red wants to improve their work-life balance.

Cyberpunk 2077 is perhaps the most ambitious and highly awaited game from Polish game developer, CD Projekt Red. A game that big definitely requires a lot of hard work. There have already been a lot of rumors circulating about CD Projekt Red facing a lot of financial trouble and the game being delayed after the development not being on track.

In an interview with Kotaku, studio manager Marcin Iwinski discussed CD Projekt Red’s efforts to manage work stress.

“It’s always the same story across the entire industry,” said Iwinski while talking about crunch culture. “If you’re changing the technology and at the same time you’re producing the game, it’s a nightmare for most of the companies.”

Iwinski also talked about how CD Projekt Red is different from other game developers regarding the amount of workload they put on their employees.

“We are known for treating gamers with respect,” said Iwinski. “This is what we’ve been working hard toward. And I actually would [like] for us to also be known for treating developers with respect.”

Just quite recently, Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm Studios came under fire after reports of predatory and abusive behavior at the workplace. Fans expect a lot from game developers, they buy a game and they expect nothing less than perfection. This puts a lot of pressure on the studios which in turn puts a lot of pressure on their employees.

Similarly, CD Projekt Red—a studio working on a game as ambitious as CyberPunk 2077—also has been facing similar problems. This is another thing Iwinski shed light on during his interview:

We’ve been communicating clearly to people that of course there are certain moments where we need to work harder — like I think the E3 demo is a pretty good example — but we want to be more humane and treat people with respect. If they need to take time off, they can take time off. Nobody will be frowned upon if this will be requested. […] Making this commitment, I hope it shows that we are treating this matter very seriously.

Usually, the quality of a game’s development cycle heavily affects the quality of the finished game. If the development team is tired and overworked, it will reflect in the finished product. With CyberPunk 2077’s development already being delayed, it will be interesting to see how CD Projekt Red handles things from now on.