The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Boomer Guide – Mechanics, How to Defeat

The first raid that makes its way to The Division 2 is titled “Operation Dark Hours” and it serves as an excellent introduction to the tough end-game of TD2. Requiring precise teamwork and communication, along with individual high DPS levels, this will be a tense challenge. Read down below on how to achieve completion and what rewards you’ll be in for in return for completing the first encounter, the Boomer boss battle in The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours raid.

The Division 2 Raid Boomer

Under the Operation Dark Hours raid, players will have to team up to form groups of eight to tackle the four major bosses tied to each encounter.

There isn’t a matchmaking aspect to this raid so players can form a team regardless of the skill and power level of the character.

Instead of letting the game do that job, players will need to call on their friends and members of the clan to fill up the positions on the team that is a step in the right direction when it comes to cooperation.

However, it should be noted that this is as harsh and tough as Ubisoft’s The Division 2 can get.

Each of the bosses is quite formidable and require different strategies to get rid of. You can start Operation Dark Hours by hopping on the yellow helicopter located at White House Base of Operations.

Initiating The Division 2 raid, you’ll be the first pit against Max Bailey AKA Boomer boss at the end of the first encounter.

1st Encounter

You’ll first need to proceed through a series of tunnels while fending off enemy dogs and a horde of foes in the area. Be wary of reinforcements as well.

This is just a test of your DPS and communication and is as simple as clearing adds in a large area without dying.

Should you clear this group of enemies, make your way to the entrance of the court-like terminal of the airport. The layout is such that a total of two mini-guns are situated in the region.

Additionally, four electronic boxes are situated, all connected to four different laptops that provide immunity and defensive options for the enemies and the boss – if standing near them.

This immunity is indicated by a highlighted blue radius originating from the four cubes and overlapping. Utilizing the mini-guns to get rid of these signal sources is the first step viable approach to the fight.

Occasionally, ISAC warns of Defense Systems and it’s at this point, 1-2 players will need to interact and disable it using one of the four laptops sitting in the middle of the arena. This will allow you to get rid of the Immunity Field and eliminate adds easily.

To know which laptop is the correct one, simply look at the four screens on top of the central area and you’ll get an idea.

Max “Boomer” Bailey Boss

The Boomer boss joins the fight after you clear the room of adds and destroy the first set of immunity fields. Once he arrives, he’ll be immune to damage dealt by any other weapon except for the mini-gun turrets.

The idea is to lure the boss in line with the mini-gun fire to chip away at his health. You’ll first need to figure who Bailey’s targeting that’s indicated by the red icon on the health bar of one of your team members.

Once Bailey starts making his way towards that target, you need to slow him down by luring him towards any obstacles in the area, thereby distracting him and giving your other teammates a chance at the turrets.

It should be noted that these mini-guns overheat faster than other mounted weapons so you need to let it cool down and pause after a short spell of continuous firing. Alternatively, try to fire in short bursts.

It’s advisable to focus fire on his critical point, a red weak circle on his back. This will weaken Boomer considerably as compared to other regions of his body.

After enough hits from the mini-gun, Boomer will be temporarily stunned as he falls down on his knees. At this point, all of the eight members of the team should focus fire as you can deal damage even with your primary or secondary weapons.

Eventually, Boomer gets back up on his feet again and starts to heal which is visualized by the green glowing plate on his chest. As soon as you see him do that, any team member can shoot at that point to stop the HP regeneration process.

Boomer will also send out grenades to jam mini-guns abruptly so the players should always keep moving and rotating around to interact with a different turret and never stop the offensive pressure towards the boss.

If a player with aggro is operating the turret, Boomer will instead charge straight into this position destroying the mini-gun. If all the mini-guns are destroyed before you finish of Boomer, you’ll have to start all over again.

While you’re busy removing chunks of Bailey’s life away, don’t forget about the constantly respawning enemy troops as well as the immunity defense measures that spring back up at the laptops.

This will be a tough and long fight, but with persistent effort, observation, team communication, and quick response, you’ll cheese through the boss fight and be able to reap the benefits.


There’s a bunch of cool gear, weapons, and mods that you can acquire as a part your victory reward for clearing this first encounter of the Operation Dark Hours raid in The Division 2.

All of these are high-tier equipment that carries a gear score rating of 500. These loot rewards are listed below:

  • Negotiators Dilemma Nibble Backpack Blueprint
  • Wyvern Wear Didactyl Pad Holster
  • Military M60 E4
  • SRS A1
  • Utility Protocol: Intensity Gear Mod
  • 586 Magnum

Once you’ve managed to defeat Boomer, you’ll be able to move to Ben “Dizzy” Carter & Carl “Ricochet” Dawson, DDP-52 Razorback, and Lucy & Buddy. You can also check out our guide on that for more help.