Riot Games Refuses to End Forced Arbitration, Walkout Organisers “Disappointed”

Riot Games has announced that it will not be changing its arbitration policy due to the “complexities of ongoing litigation.” This was confirmed by “League of Legends” creators in a statement yesterday despite the mass walkout of 200-250 employees at its Los Angeles studio last week.

Here’s what the studio said:

Ultimately, given the complexities of ongoing litigation, we will notchange our employee agreements while in active litigation. We know not everyone agrees with this decision, but we also know everyone does want Riot to continue to improve. We remain committed to having a firm answer around extending an opt-out to all Rioters when active litigation concludes

However, Riot’s Joe Hixson says that the company will give its future employees the option to opt out of arbitration but obviously after the conclusion of current litigation.

In case you don’t already know, Arbitration is a system through which decisions are made in front of a third party arbitrator instead of the legal system (Jury or a Judge). This is the reason why Riot Games walkout happened in the first place. Riot forced two employees into private arbitration, who filed a lawsuit against the company over issues like harassment, gender-based discrimination, and violation of California’s Equal Pay Act.

As expected, walkout organizers are not happy. One of the walkout organizers, Jocelyn Monahan told Kotaku that they will continue to protest and to pressure Riot in order to end forced arbitration.

We’re disappointed leadership doesn’t seem to be considering any major changes to their active policy. That said, we’re blown away by the passion, solidarity, and vulnerability that workers who support the walkout are showing

The main purpose of this walkout is to make sure that workers at Riot feel “Riot feel heard and represented, and above all, safe”, said another walkout organizer.

Sure, it’s sad that the company is not ready to make changes right now but the good news is that Riot has announced that it’ll be addressing other issues like D&I (diversity and inclusion) at the company.

Riot Games has announced a new Diversity and Inclusion Council, which will be lead by Riot’s chief diversity officer Angela Roseboro and by members across the studio in order to take “proactive approach to share perspectives, create change, and identify barriers and opportunities to move us forward in D&I and culture.”

In addition to this, the company has also invited a diverse group of Rioters to review Riot’s Code of Conduct for a better future of the company. You can read the full statement from Riot’s official site.