Rage 2 Trade Towns Guide – How to Unlock Gunbarrel

Rage Trade Towns Guide will help you learn all about towns that are located across different regions. Trade Towns in the game is crucial to Rage 2 and this guide will help you learn all about them.

Rage Trade Towns

Trade Towns in Rage 2 help serve a lot of purposes in the game. They are very vital and are considered an integral part of the title. Towns have their own importance since they’re a source of side missions, to earn points and rewards.

Moreover, once you find a vehicle and you want to store it, you’ll have to visit a Trade Town in order to store that vehicle so that it remains available for future uses.

Towns are also a big source of vendors and shops, using which you can purchase different equipment. However, one of the most important reasons to visit a town would be to fast travel. Fast Travel points are usually available in major towns.

How to Unlock Gunbarrel?
Open the map, select the main mission, after which a combat vehicle named Rolla will be unlocked and it’ll spawn on the entrance. Along the entrance would be a gate, at which a guard would be standing. Talk to him and after the conversation, the town will get unlocked.