Life is Strange 2 Episode 3 Souvenir Collectibles Locations Guide

Life is Strange 2 Episode 3 continues the story of Daniel and Sean Diaz and like other episodes, there are hidden Souvenir Collectibles to find. Finding all 6 will unlock the ‘Lost Boys Chronicles’ reward so we’ve listed their locations down below:

American Graffiti
At the forest camp, sit down on the log and start sketching. After completing the picture, just check the different zones and you will unlock the ‘American Graffiti’ Achievement/Trophy.

Souvenir #1
Near the same log where you can complete the optional sketch, you can pat the dog and it’ll move to a new location after each pat. Pat him 3 times and he’ll dig up a small animal skull. This is your first collectible to grab.

Souvenir #2
Later in the episode, when you’re sitting and cutting plants on a table with the other characters, you should cut eight with the scissors and you’ll spot a pen in the plant pile. However, you need to be quick with this mini-game.

Souvenir #3
At the camp, talk to Finn when he rests at the base of a large tree. He’ll toss the stick he’s been whittling at the end of the conversation and you and can collect it.

Souvenir #4
Complete your camp chores and you’ll be able to visit Daniel at the lake. After skipping some stones, you’ll be free to explore. Turn right and look behind a fallen tree trunk to spot a strange looking rock. That rock turns out to be a fossil.

Souvenir #5
After returning to the camp late at night, go to the lit tent and speak with Ingrid/Cassidy and you’ll get a tattoo. Talk with Ingrid again before leaving for the lake and she’ll allow you to go grab a souvenir from her tent.

Souvenir #6
You can find a collectible in the break-in area. Daniel (if you’re with him) will look for a yellow locker behind one of the pickup trucks. Daniel will open it for you, revealing a souvenir.

If you went with Cassidy instead, you’ll need a tool from the nearby workbench to open it.

This is all we’ve in our Life is Strange 2 Episode 3 Souvenir Locations Guide. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!