Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Division 2 Eagle Bearer Gun

The Division 2’s first raid is finally available for players to go on, and the Holy Grail of that mission, the Eagle Bearer, is now available for them to obtain. Here’s everything you need to know about the Division 2 Eagle Bearer gun, including how to obtain it, and what it can do.

The Eagle Bearer, first off, is an assault rifle, the quintessential weapon that you’ll likely be using a lot should you be able to obtain it. In order to even be able to attempt the raid it’s in, however, you’ll need to level up.

Ubisoft requires players to be at Gear Level 490 before attempting the raid, so getting your gear up to that point is the first step you should undertake. Your score will likely go up if you manage to get the Division 2 Eagle Bearer gun, which is unfortunately a random drop.

With it being a random drop, you might actually have to run the raid a few times before you manage to actually get the gun. But considering what it can do once you finally get it, it’s worth all of the frustration that you may feel during your quest to get it in the first place.

The Division 2 Eagle Bearer gun comes with the ability “Eagle Strike”, which has a number of different abilities. To start off with, firing it continuously helps to increase its accuracy by up to 100%. Getting a headshot with the gun will increase the reload speed by 100% too, along with a 35% increase to damage and a ten-second Tenacity buff.

Tenacity is a new buff on the weapon that delays damage given to you by anywhere from 20% to 80% until the buff expires, which could help you be able to forsake cover for a while to mow down a bunch of enemies, and if you’re able to score consecutive headshot kills, you might be able to make it last indefinitely.

The gun also has a third ability called Protective Fire, which ironically doesn’t require you to actually use the gun. When it’s holstered, Eagle Bearer gives you a 10% armor bonus when firing your currently-equipped weapon.

So, if you haven’t tried The Division 2’s newest raid yet, go ahead and level up for it. Who knows, you or one of your friends might end up getting the Division 2 Eagle Bearer.