Call Of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass Leaked, You Can Play Zombies And Battle Royale

The Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass has been leaked, allowing gamers that are interested in the game to see what they’ll be getting across its multiple future seasons. Along with that, the game has also been revealed to have a zombies mode and a battle royale mode for players.

The leak apparently comes from a Twitter user named ChaosxSilencer, who posted a video that showed off the game’s beta menu. The Call of Duty: Mobile battle pass appears to be similar to Fortnite’s, having two different versions.

The versions are free and premium respectively, with different rewards in each of them. So, if you care enough about the game to get better rewards, you’ll have to shell out money for the battle pass.

In addition to the battle pass, players will also apparently have access to a Nazi Zombies mode and a Battle Royale mode on the game, because what Call of Duty game these days would be complete without them?

While Call of Duty: Mobile won’t be the first mobile game to include a battle royale mode (especially since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite have also gotten mobile versions that allow mobile users to play battle royales), first-person zombie killing might be a new one.

The game also got a new trailer along with the leak about the Call of Duty: Mobile battle pass, showing how the game played, and there’s also a beta. While the beta’s only gone live in certain regions, hopefully soon everyone everywhere will be able to play it.

In the meantime, Call of Duty: Mobile is supposed to be coming out sometime this summer. So if you’re a fan of Blackout or Zombies and have been looking to play it on the go, you might want to be on the lookout for when Call of Duty: Mobile actually releases.