LFG Matchmaking Solution for The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Under Development

The Division 2 raid doesn’t have LFG matchmaking but that will change in the future. According to Ubisoft, the studio is “working on it.”  LFG (Looking for Group) matchmaking is going to be very tricky when it comes to Operation Dark Hours raid.

Communication is key to completing the new raid in The Division 2 which is why Ubisoft didn’t add LFG. However, speaking in the recent “Special Report” stream, the developers confirmed that they are working on a solution for those who do not wish to go outside the game to find players.

In order to effectively complete the raid, the players must speak the same language, know how to operate as a team, and have mics. Random matchmaking lacks most of these elements the majority of the time. People don’t speak the same language nor do they use mics. LFG matchmaking for Operation Dark Hours will be tricky and is expected to be handled differently than matchmaking in other activities.

Ubisoft needs to figure out a solution before more raids drop. Operation Dark Hours is only the first raid out of five. The raid menu revealed that there are four more raids planned for The Division 2.

Operation Dark Hours menu shows a total of five raid tabs which means we could see five or more raids added to The Division 2. Apart from raids, there is plenty of other content planned for The Division 2.

Multiple narrative based episodes are coming to the game as part of year-1 free downloadable content. All of the content released in the first year is going to be free. Although you can get the year-1 season pass to gain 7-days early access.

Ubisoft will share more about upcoming Division 2 content at E3 2019. The game is one of the titles that’ll lead Ubisoft’s E3 press keynote. Plenty of surprises are in store as we are expecting to the next Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and possibly more of Beyond Good and Evil 2. Here’s the full E3 2019 press conference schedules:

  • Sunday, June 9: Microsoft – 13:00 PDT / 16:00 EDT / 21:00 BST
  • Sunday, June 9: Bethesda – 17:30 PDT / 20:30 EDT / 1:30 BST (6/10)
  • Sunday, June 9: Devolver Digital – 19:00 PDT / 22:00 EDT / 3:00 BST (6/10)
  • Monday, June 10: PC Gaming Show – 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT / 18:00 BST
  • Monday, June 10: Ubisoft – 13:00 PDT / 16:00 EDT / 21:00 BST
  • Monday, June 10: Kinda Funny Games Showcase 16:30 PDT / 19:30 EDT / 00:30 BST (6/11)
  • Monday, June 10: Square Enix – 18:00 PDT / 21:00 EDT / 2:00 BST (6/11)
  • Tuesday. June 11: Nintendo – 9:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 17:00 BST

The Division 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via uPlay and Epic Games Store.

Source: Reddit