Free Apex Legends Play Pack Now Available for PS4 PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Respawn Entertainment is now offering a free Apex Legends “Play Pack” for PlayStation Plus subscribers on Sony’s PlayStation 4. Apex Legends “Play Pack” comes with a total of six cosmetic items.

The pack is free and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store under the add on section of Apex Legends. Once installed, the free pack unlocks two new character skins for Lifeline and Mirage and two new weapon skins for Eva-8 and R-99. This pack also includes two new banners for Lifeline and Mirage. Interested players can search for this pack in the PSN store.

Do note that Apex Legends is a free to play game and doesn’t require a PlayStation Plus subscription. But if you want this free pack then you will have to purchase a new PS Plus membership, however, we are not sure if this free pack is worth it or not.

Apart from this free stuff, beginners of the game can get their hand on Apex Legends Starter Pack, which will help them to get “a jump on the competition.” Apex Legends Starter Pack will cost you £3.99 and includes the following items.

  • 600 Apex Coins
  • Exclusive Animated Blue Fade RE45 Weapon Skin
  • Exclusive Feeding Frenzy Badge

Players can use Apex Coins (in-game currency) to purchase new customization items for their favorite characters in Apex Legends. These coins can also be used to buy weapons, purchase cosmetic Apex Packs and to unlock new characters through the in-game store.

As for the game, it’s currently being criticized for the lack of updates and content. KFC Gaming recently took a jab at Apex for its apparent inactivity by posting a meme. In response, Respawn’s Rayme Vinson decided to address the concerns in a subtweet by explaining why it’s taking too long for the developer to update Apex Legends with new content.

Dearest brand. We’ve got tons of stuff coming, but it takes a little time, Rayme Vinson told KFC. We can’t hyper-fry or flash-flambe or crunch-inject or whatever it is you do to your tasty fried birdflesh. This gameplay is hand-crafted using old-world techniques. Eat some chicken, we’ll see you soon.

We hope that Respawn comes up with new content sometime soon in order to keep the fans interested in the game. The lack of content is the reason why Apex’s popularity is constantly declining along with its player base and viewership on Twitch.

Apex Legends is now available for PS4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC.