Epic Games Store Mega Sale Discounts Every Game Over $15 by $10

The Epic Games Store has launched a site-wide regional sale. They’ve done so by discounting any game over $15 by $10. Meaning something you will get a $10 discount on any game that costs over $15 on the Epic Games Store.

Anyone that purchased a video game since the 2nd of May will automatically have $10 refunded for them if the game was priced over $15.

This sale is for every single title on the Epic Games Store within that threshold. This includes unreleased games such as Borderlands 3 and The Outer Worlds. For any preorder that was made before the sale rolled out, those funds will be automatically refunded by Epic Games as well.

Another thing to note about this Epic Games sale is that the developers won’t be charged at all for the discounts. This means Epic Games is taking a financial hit.

This is a pretty big leap of faith Epic Games is taking regarding the store mega-sale. We already know how much consumers hate the Epic Games store, now developers are steadily making the same heel turn. Could this be Epic Games’ way of appealing to them and the consumers simultaneously?

One good way to gauge the effectiveness of this tactic is to see how much Epic Games is able to restore its goodwill. As far as it goes for video-game developers, they’ve been accommodated.

The source of this whole beef is the Epic Games store exclusivity trend. This method was an underhanded tactic to initiate competition with Steam by buying off games to be exclusive. Epic Games plan on continuing to so and have probably made this sale to divert our attention.

Either way, get your games $10 cheap on the Epic Games store now.