Borderlands 3 Preorder Has A $10 Discount Via Epic Games Store

Just to clarify, this Borderlands 3 preorder discount on Epic Games Store is on every edition of the game available. This includes any enhanced/advanced editions along with any season passes. The discount is a part of the Epic Games sale.

Why though? A lot of people are speculating that the game isn’t forecasting well for selling on the Epic Store. Borderlands 3 is an Epic store exclusive for 6 months before it will release on Steam. Anybody who wants to play Borderlands 3 on Steam will have to wait 6 months for the migration.

The Borderlands 3 discount covers the base pre-order edition, the deluxe edition, the season pass and even the collector’s edition. This means goodies like advanced paid DLC and golden weapon skins as well as some figurines will cost 10$ less. It’s unsure how long the Borderlands 3 discount will last, however.

We’ve seen with other games that consumers are not at all happy with Epic store exclusive games. Especially one like Borderlands 3 that should be accessible to everybody.

Judging by the surveys saying Borderlands 3 will sell more on consoles, this discount makes more and more sense with its timing.

It’s very uncommon for a game to receive a discount in its pre-order phase. The only reason Gearbox Software would have for this is if they were worried about Borderlands 3 performing well. This discount is, however, part of the Epic Games sale which affects every game on the store..

This is all a domino effect of consumers just not liking the Epic Store itself. Epic Games’ way of catering only to the developers and not the customers has dampened any credibility it has with the PC gamer fanbase.

This has led to several boycotts of games that were turned into Epic Games Store exclusives, such as Metro Exodus during the initial swap. Borderlands 3 caught even more fire than any of these other companies that made their video games Epic Store exclusives.

This is mainly due to the way Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford had been handling the PR disaster following the partnership announcement.

Let’s see if this Borderlands 3 preorder discount helps the Epic Games sale at all.